Why is No One Talking About Micronutrients?

Quite simply, the term ‘micronutrients’ refers to the vitamins and minerals that you get from your diet. The ‘micro’ part pertains to the fact that you only need small amounts of them to function properly, which is the reason that they are so often overlooked- most people will just assume that they are getting them in some way. However, you will often find that those who aren’t eating a balanced diet will have nutrient deficiencies, meaning they aren’t getting enough of a specific type of vitamin or mineral.

Vitamin deficiencies in their most extreme form can be major health risks. People often think of the vitamin C deficiency: scurvy, but you could be lacking in any number of nutrients which each carry their own health problems. Being deficient in vitamin D could lead to rickets, and being deficient in vitamin A could even lead to blindness!

So what do vitamins and minerals actually do?

Vitamins and minerals are basically the raw materials that your body uses to build itself everyday as you are constantly making new skin, bones, hair and muscle. They perform hundreds of essential jobs within your body’s system, from repairing wounds to converting food into energy. Of course they also play a big part in strengthening your immune system and helping you fight off any viruses and colds that might be doing the rounds.

Delving a little deeper, these two catalogues can be broken down further.