I’ve always been know as a curvy, bubbly person and have yo-yo dieted all my life.  I have had no structured exercise regime because I have suffered from a strained knee for five years, which couldn’t seem to be solved by anything medically/surgically.  I am 41 and desperately wanted to improve my lifestyle. He has structured a training programme and a livable, flexible nutritional regime for me to use for the rest of my life.  After four weeks into my journey, working towards my goals, the weight was dropping off. I feel better in myself and in my clothes.  I have a lot more energy and the compliments are flying!  Above all, I cannot believe the incredible improvement in my knees as I no longer feel the strain!  It really is amazing to feel the difference in all aspects of my life.  James is great to work with and is very supportive, he will stay in contact throughout your journey.  His knowledge of nutrition and training is second to none and has many methods he used with me to reach my fitness goal.  He has taught me a new path in fitness and pushes me to my limits in every training session we do, I don’t think it would be possible without him motivating me and his passion for succeeding.

Sharon Jones


Even though Dance & Fitness is my job I still need to stay 100% fit & healthy. Knowledge is power & for me to always be learning about my body through the help of an experienced PT teaching me new & interesting ways to train harder & longer is unquestionably key to my success. James tailored a unique routine that has assisted my body in performing at the highest level of fitness. Combining speed & endurance for a long days dancing, this helps me stay physically fit & therefore mentally strong. For my role as a Professional Dancer & Choreographer on BBC1 'Strictly Come Dancing' it is important to stay injury free. In 2013 I had to have keyhole surgery on my left knee. The rehabilitation stages working very closely with James helped me regain muscle mass which was lost & strength the surrounding areas getting my fitness back to where it was before & beyond in a short space of time.I can't thank James enough, as within 6 weeks of coming out of surgery I became  European Latin American Champion, A very quick turnaround all thanks to James hard work & dedication to my health.Thank you, James, love our session.

AJ Pritchard


Just a quick note to thank you for helping me towards achieving my goal of a healthier lifestyle and a smaller waistline.  When I was given the course of training sessions with you as a gift, I took it in good heart.  I was, after all quite fit and not overweight!! I have now had to purchase a new wardrobe of clothes and also have to suffer comments about being too skinny! What you did in 12 weeks, took me about 12 months the last time I knuckled down and shed the pounds. Your positive inspiration and enthusiasm for the “perfect body” certainly encouraged me to stick to the programme, both from an exercise and nutritional perspective. I now realise that fitness is not just about looking better.  It’s also about feeling better; Better about myself and better within myself.  No more feeling tired, sluggish and bloated.  Instead, I feel healthier, more energetic and I sleep better.  I can only encourage anybody at the start of a programme, be it for weight loss or general fitness, that it’s worth it! Hopefully, I won’t slip back into bad habits.  I’ll keep a copy of these before and after photos nearby, to help remind me!


Thanks again.

Robin Price


After a bad marriage and going through a stressful divorce, I managed to gain weight through uncontrollable comfort eating, leaving me feeling down with low self-esteem and no self-confidence. I wanted to change my life and was recommended to Pritchard's Dance & Fitness Studio; where I was introduced to James Walker. James has excellent communication skills and put me at ease straight away. He put me on an exercise program twice a week, and along with guidance to eat sensibly for my goals. James is courteous and conscientious and is willing to help me reach my goal. His knowledge ad skills helped me achieve this, giving me a good weight loss and improved body shape, but that's only the tip of the iceberg I'm continuing on with James and don't myself stopping soon. My confidence self-esteem has risen - I feel my life has changed for the better. 

Anne Boughey


James is professional, a true motivator and his youth belie his fitness and training knowledge. In only five months I have become leaner fitter and stronger than I ever thought possible and at 56 I now wonder how many years I have wasted trying to cobble together boring workout routines on my own. I have just two, one hour sessions per week with James and each training session is different from the last; I never know from one session to the next what I’ll be doing and this keeps workouts interesting and effective. If you are serious about reaching a fitness goal, then I cannot recommend James as a personal trainer enough.

Chris Cornwall


James is exceptionally different in a very good way. Before I joined him, I had a problem with my posture which has haunted me for years and l was impressed how he immediately noticed that. James tailored a plan to strengthen my back so I could have a better posture and a stronger back to go about in

my daily life.


It was a unique experience compared to what I had in the past; James' knowledge and approach in exercising made me enjoy and look forward to exercising. Now, after 4 months l have better posture, a stronger back and flexible enough to do harder exercises.

Naser Al-Abdulhadi