4 Week Bespoke Training Plan 


  • Bespoke Training Plan (Using Smartphone App) 

  • Tailored to your goals (Fat Loss, Muscle Gain etc) 

  • Weekly Check-In 

  • Unlimited Email/Text Support 

  • 48hr Response Time


      One-off sign up fee £39 

GBP £79.99

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4 Week Bespoke Training Plan


  • Bespoke Nutrition Plan 

  • Bespoke Training Plan (Using Smart phone App) 

  • Tailored to you goals (Fat Loss, Muscle Gain etc) 

  • Weekly Check-In 

  • Unlimited Email/Text Support

  • 24hr Response Time


    One-off sign up fee £39

GBP £99.99

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No Equipment 90-day Fitness Plan

  • Home Based Body Weight Workout (Using Smart phone App) 

  • No Gym Membership or Equipment Required 

  • 3 Progressive Phases

  • Between 3-5 workouts per week 

  • Varied Workout Styles 

  • Exercise Demos

  • Customer Care Support 



GBP £30.00

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How does online training work?

Online training is a way of having a personal trainer without having to meet for one-to-one gym sessions. You will receive all of the features of having a trainer as listed in the packages above, and we will communicate throughout your programme electronically. The training programme itself works efficiently and simply via an app which is compatible with both androids and iPhones, allowing me to become your personal trainer from your pocket. Through this app I am able to deliver to you your personalised workouts devised by myself, with each routine being accompanied by specific exercise demos (in text and video format) to ensure every movement is correct and safe. The app has an integrated timer so there’s no fuss of finding a stopwatch, as well as a diary feature to schedule and plan when you will complete your workouts. Each time you complete a workout I will be alerted, and weekly check-ins mean we can reflect on what worked and what didn’t, allowing me to make any necessary adjustments for the next week. The app has an in-built instant messenger to get hold of me, and can sync up to your Fitbit, My Fitness Pal account, and many other popular fitness apps- this means all of your fitness related business is in one place! The app can also be used as a tracking tool, monitoring your progress through side-by-side comparison pictures, and view graphs plotted with data of body measurements (hips, waist, etc) and weight. From this we can analyse your body fat percentage and BMI to make sure the progress is always continual.

Will my diet plan be individual to me?

Yes! Each diet plan is individual to each client and is created with their specific goals in mind. The plan will be suited to you and your lifestyle and preferences, with hope that it will make the it sustainable for the long term. There will be a questionnaire on signing up, as well as time dedicated in the initial phone calls for me to gather the information I need to identify the best approach for you.

What's included in my start up fee?

No two of my online training plans have ever been the same! When you purchase a bespoke package there is a lot of creating on my part to get the best possible plan together for you. In order to design your training and nutritional programmes there will be phone consultations, a questionnaire and several start-up emails, the information from which I will compile into a unique plan catering to you and your needs. Within two days of the receipt of all of this information your personal plans will be ready to go.

What are the benefits to video calling?

While there are many benefits of these tools used in online training I have found that communicating via messages or over the phone we are more able to withhold information from one another, which could slow progress. Facetime provides a platform for honesty; clients are much more likely to admit that a particular aspect of the training isn't working for them if I can speak with them frankly and openly face-to-face. If facetime is not available to you for any reason then it is possible to skype instead.

What day of the week are check-ins and what do they involve?

Check-ins happen on Sunday mornings, ideally before midday to guarantee that I have time to address any changes that need to be made before the new week begins.
Check-ins are simply a tool to reflect, track progress, and raise any issues about the programme you may be having. It’s a way for me to know what’s working for you, and most importantly if you’re enjoying it! Check-ins happen via email or message, whichever is most convenient for you. We will discuss what sort of things should go in your weekly messages, some clients will be on a plan that requires body measurement updates or weight tracking, again this is all individual to your bespoke plan and will be explained clearly to you upon set up.

Why is there a limit on response times?

The 24/48 hour response times (as specified within each package) is a personal guarantee from myself that you will have received a reply from me within this period. This is the maximum amount of time you will ever have to wait for a response and often it is much much quicker than this.

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