Out the Gates Too Hot

How many times have you taken up sport, a hobby, something that tickled your fancy to pursue because its enjoyable and thought it would make you happier? Sports are appealing as they bring achievement and a sense of satisfaction. Any kind of reward is part of human psychology and something many folks set their sights on: becoming the best in their chosen thing whether it be running the 200 metre sprint at the Olympics, or the next innovator to cut down on the earth’s resources to reduce carbon footprint and save the planet. Both are huge achievements.

When people start a hobby, which could be anything, it is with the aim to become skilled at it and improve and potentially even shine. If this is a fitness related endeavour, like one I recently embarked on myself, it usually has added benefits of living a healthier lifestyle too.

For example, let’s talk about strength training. How many of you have wanted to try a new exercise? In fact, maybe you’ve never stepped foot in a gym and that is the first hurdle to overcome before you even pick up a dumbbell.