How to Make the Most of a Rest Day

This is a significant part of the training regime that can often be overlooked. It is so important to any fitness progression and yet for some reason it seems to be neglected and under-appreciated because it’s neither sexy nor impressive.

Whether your exercise is HIIT based cardio, exercise classes or weight training, everyone needs periods of rest and recovery. Whenever you put the body under stress during your fitness sessions you are disrupting the natural balancing system of the body, and it needs time to return to normal and heal.

While you may think that being in the gym as often as possible will accelerate you to your goals quicker, this can actually be counterproductive. Torturing yourself everyday isn’t going to make you bigger, faster, leaner or stronger. You have to have sufficient periods of rest to let your body move forward.

It’s important rest days are viewed as such, and that you don’t just think of them as a day off. This dangerous mindset often lets people believe that on their rest day they don’t need to stick to their nutritional plan. Wrong. It’s is just as important that you continue eating well on rest days as you need those nutrients to repair, replenish, and prepare your body for the next training session to come. Depriving it of the protein, carbs, fibre, good fats, etc that it needs will stop your body performing at its maximum capacity, be it building or recovering.