Training Abs: it’s not just about the crunches!

So summer is just around the corner which means it’s not long until you’ll be back in your beachwear enjoying the sunshine! Now I’m always telling people your time in the gym is going to feel much more worthwhile if you’re working towards a specific goal, and for a lot of people at this time of year they find themselves longing for that toned stomach and those washboard abs to show off at the side of the pool.

That’s why all of a sudden you’ll see a boom in Instagram ads and magazine articles; “Get a 6 pack in just 6 weeks” or “Tighten that tummy in a two-minute workout!”

It’s rubbish!

Not only is it almost totally unachievable and unsustainable, but it can also actually be damaging. These quick-fixes rely heavily on crunch-type movements which aren’t varied enough to build a proper strong, healthy core, and they could even lead to spinal issues further along the line.