Finding the Right Training Programme for You - An Introduction

So you want to start exercising and taking care of your body. You’re ready to hit the gym and see what it does to how you look, how you feel and how you perform day to day. Maybe you’re looking to gain confidence in general, or maybe there’s a big event or holiday coming up you want to feel great for, some opportunity approaching where you’re hoping to showcase a body you’re proud of.

If any of this is sounding true for you then you’ll need a gym programme which means these targets are going to get hit. The first thing to do is to write down your specific goals. Know exactly why it is that you have begun training. From there you’ll be able to decipher which style of programme is going to be best suited to you.

There are a few categories you could fall into which would lead you down different paths, but today I’m going to be focusing on the specific difference between goals of strength and aesthetics. Neither one is better than the other, there will always be huge health benefits from both, but knowing which goal is going to bring you most joy is key!

Let’s begin with strength. If this is your category then your main goal is to simply get strong. To be as powerful as you can be. To lift like “The Hulk” and eat like him too. This goal is different to someone who is looking to get leaner, this person will eat a lot of food and not care so much about body fat. This programme will contain mostly big heavy compound movements of incredibly high