Stop Lower Back Pain with This Secret Exercise

When I was younger in my school life I had suffered a lot from lower back pain. It brought my mood down whenever it starting coming on and caused me discomfort and distress. I tried to work out what was causing the pain and noticed it started to appear when I stood up for long periods of time or when walking long distances.

I carried on and shrugged it off like any young lad would do. Eventually I hit high school where the pain continued, it hadn’t got any better by my ignoring it. I became frustrated and self-conscious, questioning “why are my friends not dealing with the same problem”. If you’ve suffered with lower back ache you’ll know how much it affects most of your day to day living. Another major thing was exercise. At this point I hadn’t found any love for exercise so I wasn’t that keen on doing it anyway, but another discourager was that my lower back would be in pieces- any physical activity and it would be aching the rest of the day. I’d twist, turn and bend over to relieve the tightness, but nothing did the trick.