Stop Racing and Slow Down

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Summers nearly here if you’ve not been living under a rock.

Something I’m seeing is many new gym goers recently while I train. Some old faces and new ones. I can spot a newbie a mile off normally by how they stare complexed at areas of the gym.

I can take a strong guess to what they want to achieve...

Fat loss

beach body

feeling good in summer clothes

I think it’s good to see people chasing their fitness goals. Most people only talk about how it would be nice to look a certain way, or being able to wear that tight fitted dress out in public.

For example most of us would’ve imagined how it would be “nice” to loose 5lbs and look leaner, or start running outside or start to go to the gym. BUT the problem I’ve got, and these people are not aware of, is changing your body composition requires a lot -of -time. More than you would take to believe.

You know the tortoise and the hare story


Remember the Rabbit raring to go and race past the competition, to cross the finish line and take victory home.

This is same attitude many have when they want to quickly get into shaped.

I can kind of understand why to some degree. None of us want to suffer dieting for long - it's normal to feel that way. In the same light as we want to be all millionaires, but without the hard work and effort and TIME needed to make the big bucks 99.9% won’t hit the jackpot overnight.

The reality to any goal in life worth pursuing is you need to put in the time and have patience. The work put in behind closed doors when motivation has passed is where most aren’t willing to sacrifice but where you get rewards eventually.

Look at any successful body transformation. I can promise you the many many months of man hours sticking to their diet and training is what got results. Same habits repeated daily. Not cheating. Not missing workouts. The same shit day after day, ticking the boxes to get you closer to your goal.

So my point of this post is to give yourself plenty of time, then add some extra for when things set you back.

Trust me. You’ll have many things to overcome in the process to stop you from moving forwards. This will make or break people and can derail you however is important to not lose sight of the reason why you doing this in the first place.

Another thing worth mentioning, if you are new to the gym, the practice and skills you need to learn how to move properly, and understand what plan you should be following is a phase which will take time. Rushing things will only slow you down doing sub optimal training. This is where hiring a trainer can fast track you and offer guidance.

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Also, the timeframe is likely to be different for each of us because we have different lives and learn differently. Not everyone can dedicate the same time as someone who is very driven and has little responsibilities. Try to be honest to yourself to acknowledge the characteristics, knowing this you can realistically set how long you need to be where you want.

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