Fix YOUR Stress

Disappearing stress: it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

I mean, of course it’s not. If that were true we’d all be skipping through our lives without a care in the world.

However, I do honestly believe that the three simple steps I’m about to present to you really could do wonders in lowering your stress levels and building a happier, worry-free life!

Now when I say ‘stress’ I mean the niggly, everyday stresses of completing all your to-do’s and finding time in the day to fit everything in. For serious, life-altering stresses you might need to seek some help beyond this email…

The stress of living in this modern world can put strain on anyone, in almost every aspect of life.

Stresses can sit at the back of your mind, even subconsciously, and will creep their way into affecting your general mood and attitude, possibly without you even realising.

Stress can hinder your performance at work or in the gym, put strain on your relationships and your day-to-day living.

You’re not you when you’re stressed.

How do we combat this?

Tip 1: Exercise

Yeah, there’s no surprise there really.

I’m not talking in the gym necessarily, this could be in any form.

Swimming, biking, walking, playing footie with your friends, etc.

Putting the body through good stress like in exercise will give you that ‘feel-good’ after effect.

When you challenge the body successfully you’ll release endorphins. The rush will make you feel happier and de-stress you.

It’s free and natural medicine.

I’m one of those people who genuinely looks forward to the gym. I’ve always found a morning gym session gives me the boost I need and everything else seems easier after that.

If you’re one of these who find their productivity is really impacted by your emotions, then taking yourself to the gym and working through your stress/anger/upset will clear your head and turn those negatives into a positive.

It’s plain and simple. Find some form of exercise you enjoy and perform it 3 times a week.


Tip 2: Sleep

It’s so much more important than you realise.

Not getting enough sleep is genuinely dangerous.

So many people these days just aren’t getting enough, simple as.

It’s so baffling to me: everyone cares so much about looking good and taking care of their outer appearance but our brains literally run our body.

A sleep deprived brain affects everything.

Our body is a machine. How can we expect ourselves to run at our prime and overcome stress to perform at our peak when we don’t even give fuel to the engine? Madness.

Getting enough sleep is so underrated!

You need 7-9 hours sleep.

There will be a personal, optimal amount for you which allows you to function at your best. Some people will feel groggy after sleeping for 9 hours, whereas some will find that the perfect amount.

Work out the magic number for you and get a bedtime routine in place.

It’s not glamorous or cool, but it will pay off almost immediately.

Sleep deprivation has so many knock-on effects beyond just feeling a bit tired. Cortisol (the stress hormone) can spike ghrelin in your body which controls the hunger signal, causing us to eat, when in fact we are just lacking sleep.

Prioritising sleep just needs discipline- it doesn’t cost a penny.

The pay-offs can be huge.

Elevated mood, quicker fat-loss and muscle gain, healthier hair and nails, better skin, clearer head.

Me personally, I love a power nap! They give me a head-clearing boost through the day but don’t throw out my body clock (do try to keep them shorter than 20 minutes).

Tip 3: Quit Your Job

Yes, you read that right.

It sounds extreme, but when you stop and think a moment, where do your stresses actually come from?

If you dread Monday mornings, don’t get joy from your career and let the worries of it affect your daily living, it’s time to pack it up.

In the words of a very famous Disney princess: let it go.

Okay, it’s easy for me to advise that from beyond a digital screen, and it would most likely completely overhaul your life, but the point I’m making is stopping your stresses at the source and understanding where they come from is key in your overall wellbeing.

Make a living from something you love and work stresses won’t be such a burden.

It could be the best thing you ever did.

Take a risk.

If you can’t see yourself doing this happily in 10 years, do something about it now. Brighten your future and your present will seem lighter.

(Wow this is getting pretty deep.)

Put yourself first.

If your daily environment is getting you stressed and affecting who you are- change it. No regrets.

So there you have my 3 tips.

Yes, I’m aware that they escalated pretty quickly, but I really wanted to make you think about your priorities in life.

The top of the list should always be you.

Just, think about it.

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