The Magic Pill

Yeah right. If one of those existed, I’d be out of a job.

But fat loss pills have hit the markets, and they aren’t totally myth.

They seem to divide opinion: you’re either consumed by the idea that these little tablets will solve all your problems, or you think they’re nonsense.

They aren’t either.

They are a small powder capsule that claim to shred your fat, suppress your hunger, and give you the energy and motivation that you can’t seem to muster yourself. The only way to decipher if these claims are true is to look at the ingredients.


This is the main ingredient. Research into its properties means that it is now possible to use blends of caffeine which give you a sustained energy high, instead of spikes that leave you tired afterwards. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and it goes without saying that anything giving you highs and lows throughout the day isn’t going to be best or beneficial to your journey. Caffeine tells the receptors in your brain that you aren’t tired so you feel like you have more energy, and subconsciously your body will therefore not crave this from food. This is how caffeine acts as an appetite suppressant. It’s nothing fancy but can stop you overeating. One thing to be aware of though is that you can build a tolerance to it meaning the effects will be lessened over time.


This is a water-soluble fibre, which forms a gel-like substance in your stomach, giving you the illusion that you are full. The water absorption means it will fill the hunger void and stop you from overeating. This curbing of your calorie intake is aiming to leave you in a deficit to aid with fat loss. The downside is that it can cause uncomfortable bloating, and the fibre characteristics can lead to flatulence in some people- all down to the individual of course.


Conjugate linoleic acid, or CLA, is a substance found in small traces in many foods, but is now being sold in larger quantities as a supplement as it claims to boost your metabolism and encourage your fat to be the first thing broken down for energy during exercise. There are only a few studies which have confirmed these claims, but with the amount used inside of the pill, it really isn’t going to make that much of a difference.

Green Tea

A health food favourite! It has anti-oxidising benefits as well as a caffeine kick. More energy, means more calories you’re likely to burn, but be aware if you’re sensitive to caffeine as these little pills can contain a lot of it.

Now, all brands are different, and will market themselves as such, boasting a slightly different mix or perhaps a new, added ingredient, but those are the ingredients for the basic recipe which makes up most fat loss pills.

Companies will attempt to make their pill unique, and I do have to say that fat loss pills are incredibly well marketed.

These brands exploit the consumer’s vulnerabilities and feed off their desire to reach their goals quicker by appearing to offer a short cut.

Again, if a pill was all it took, I wouldn’t have any clients.

Having said this, there is science and research behind these tablets, and while they don’t make as much of a difference as they claim that they do, they can give you energy, they can suppress your appetite, and they can boost your metabolism. It’s just going to aid you that one percent on top of the other things you are doing.

Alone, they are useless.

Fat loss pills need to be paired with resistance training, a calorie deficit, proper nutrition and a tiny sprinkle of cardio in order to do their job, which is why people like me still have mine- I assist with all the other things, while the pill helps you on your way to achieving those goals.

If fat loss pills are helping you stay on track, stick with them.

If they are acting as a placebo, or keeping you motivated with your mind on the game plan, stick with them.

If they are giving you tummy problems, giving you unhelpful energy spikes, draining your bank account or simply not making a difference whatsoever, ditch them and hire me!

In all seriousness though, be honest with yourself as to what they mean to you and your body, I can’t help with that.

What I can say though is do your own research (reading this blog was a great start to that) and find one, if any, that works for you.

No pill is magic, and your fat won’t just disappear.


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