The Biggest Mistake in Gyms

You must have direction to reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s making gains and feeling great on the beach, partaking in a triathlon or marathon, or simply to just take care of your health and fitness, without a goal there is no motivation.

When I observe those in the gym there are some common behaviours I see time and time again. If you look around at any one time you will probably see half of the people in there on their phones. Then there are others looking around like they are there to put their feet up and relax. It saddens me to see they are spinning their wheels hoping that the few bits they do come and do will be good enough to see progress and change. However I can’t understand why anyone would go in blind.

Why would you leave your results up to chance?

Let’s move away from fitness and use this in another situation to help understand. You have this dream job you want to do, but at moment you don’t have the skills. So, where do you start? You’d begin learning, taking courses, perhaps gaining qualifications and you have a path to follow to give you the tools to achieve that dream career someday. Now why would it be any different with