Surviving Christmas

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The season to be jolly, relax and social more than anytime of the year is around the corner.

I saw supermarkets had already christmas chocolates in October, each year seems like we add a month earlier for the hell of it, however, it couldn't be further from the truth. The big people at the top are money grabbing numpties feeding the obesity crises and looks like it's not slowing down. The government has predicted by 2020 eight out of 10 men and almost seven in 10 women will be overweight or obese by 2020. We have serious problem and it's time we take care of yourselves and health.

Christmas is time to be festive and enjoy the fun and exciting joys like the parties, fun fairs and eating every food insight... wait wut?

Yes, we all like to use the winter months to relax on our eating habits, I can't answer why, but can make more than few guesses.

- The cold weather: we naturally want to keep warm and carrying more body fat assists, like our cave man days.

- Food adverts (who's seen M&S's mouth watering advert)

- Supermarkets placing the sugary, fatty and high calorie treats in coupe feet descents from the entrance. They want you to place it all in your trolley before even getting to your shopping list!

- Coming to the end of another busy, likey stressful, and hopefully successful year. We start to slow down and prepare to send the year off with a bang.

Should we give in and use the excuses above to stop exercising and pound on the extra weight like the rest of population?


Staying in shape and enjoying all on offer during the December can be done with some thought and planning ahead.

Here's how.

Step 1. Set certain days of the week you will allow more food than normal. Let say for example Monday, Wednesday and Saturday you have social occasions like the work party, catching up with friends and going out with your loved ones. The days in between you stick to your conscious mindful decision making meals that align with your current goal; for sake of this fat loss or maintenance.

Step 2. Stop using the car (not possible if you drive to work of course) , public transport, and escalators/lifts. Changing this to walking or riding the bike will increase the number of calories you'd burn during the day, month and year. Using Bob, for example, he doesn't exercise drives to work and back home, not much of foodie, eats because he will die if not, although Bob loves to drink. Not a couple pints on the weekend, ohh he drinks every night after work till he falls asleep on the sofa. Tell me you did not chuckle reading that part - i was in stitches. Back to what i was explaining.

If Bob wanted to lose some weight he could start by cycling to work (he lives 15 minutes away for the office) a couple of days per week and slowing building to every day eventually. He could burn off 300-400 calories per day - add this together that's 1500- 2000kcas a week! In layman terms, he could lose over 2lbs per month. Have him keep it up for 12 months that's 24lbs lost.

So you should see how easy it is to stay in shape without changing your diet.

Step 3. Exercise more. You might go to the gym, do your home workouts 4-5 days a week already. I know what you're thinking "I can't do any more, I am tired". Well , hold up, If this means you keep the body and enjoy few extra treats then it's worth making the effort in my mind. You wouldn't carry on following this approach is only for December and then back to your normal plan.

There we have 3 easy to implement tips to help you stay in shape and feel and look great whilst not changing your entire Christmas. You can have great success trying only one method, or combine all 3 if you want, but don't put yourself under too much stress, it's Christmas after all.

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