3 Deadlifts Tips You're Missing Out

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

1.If you’re slow off the floor - Deficit Deadlifts

Once you have trained hard for sometime put in hours of perfect technique with the bar you’ll potentially start to slow down with progress and the lift itself starts becoming difficult in places it originally never once was. The common troublesome spot in when the bar leaves the floor. People start to feel breaking the floor is much harder, with the extra weight on the bar. We all have strong and weak points its normal.

This can be because your hamstrings/ posterior chain are weak and need to be strengthened. Another possibility is your back. I mean your entire back is letting you down. So you need to work of additional back exercises to build up strength and size. The lift itself puts you in a disadvantage position. The loads used should be reduced to 65-70%.

Lets cover the deficit deadlifts as the main culprit is the hamstrings in most people.