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My coaching services are online for you to finally improve your physqiue and fitness levels. This gives you freedom to train where you wish and not be depending on a trainer in person. You'll also save how much you spend when compared to hiring a trainer at the gym, saving you money but not devaluing the quality service you receive.

• Every week we speak via Skype, FaceTime or voice calls to catch up, review and to discuss the previous week and the programme for the week ahead

• 24/7 access to my mobile, where we can exchange text and voice notes to keep in contact on a regular basis

• 24/7 email access

The initial process upon purchase is as follows:

• You will be sent an email asking to create a trainerize profile. This grants you access to your personal smartphone application (android and iphone friendly) and inside sits your bespoke exercise programme built out to your lifestyle and goals, in addition to simple exercise demonstrations explaining how to perform each safely and correctly.

• I will ask you complete a 3-5 day food and training diary, along with a detailed data collection form (stats, training experience, food preferences, gym equipment etc.).

• We will have our initial Skype session/phone call to discuss your goals, background and more about how the programme will work.

• I use the collective information to create a programme suited to your personal circumstance, facilities and specified goals. A programme which is flexible and enjoyable.

• Programmes begin on the Monday after the initial call.

Due to the online nature of this service I can work with people from anywhere in the world, so long as you have an internet connection and access to basic gym equipment. The time zone difference will be something to take into consideration when having our weekly check-ins, however we can discuss a time which is suitable to us both.

To achieve the maximum benefit from the online coaching service you must be motivated, disciplined, and focused, during your workouts and along with the hours you spend out of the gym. I will be here to encourage, cajole and give guidance.

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