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Walkerfit is a personal training service set up by James Walker in 2015. James is a qualified Personal Trainer with a passion for fitness and nutrition stemming from his own incredible weight transformation losing 5 ½ stone in a year aged 16. James has worked at many respected Gyms in London, including Six3nine, before deciding to go freelance in 2017. Over the years he has helped hundreds of clients, each with their own specific fitness goals. Walkerfit is based in London and offers both online and in-person training services at the private studio in Kensington, or at another location convenient to you.

Arm bicep curling
Weight Training 
Kettlebell training
Fat Loss
Stretching and movement training
  • Nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful body and health transformation

  • Every plan personalised to the individual's preferences taking into account their lifestyle and goals   

  • Diets are known to have an end point. The causes a relapse phase resulting to previous conditions. My approach instead is designed to be realistic and sustainable for life long results.  

  • Your dietary tolerances and supplement recommendations are taking into account depending on the individual's request.    

  • Clients explore new movements to improve mobility and flexibility. Resistance training complements the new-found suppleness to aid in becoming strong in these new ranges. 

  • Strength training is the forefront of my coaching, it's the main tool.

  • Every programme I design takes your exercise background, goals and movement imbalances in order to create a truly personalised plan 

  • Your goals change, I, therefore, adapt the programme to keep progressing over time which reduces stagnation. I incorporate various styles of training to find what you enjoy in order create consistency and see long term results  

  • The correct mentality is the final piece in seeing the body you desire

  • The dedication and consistency necessary to change bad habits that hold you back from your successful transformation is all part of the coaching experience    

  • Finding your 'why' from the start is as important as what it is you want to achieve. When it gets tough you need those deep emotional triggers to keep you moving forwards

  • Your attitude and mindset will change. The habits and routines that will be instilled from nutrition to exercise and your new-found confidence are the tools you will utilise for the remainder of your life.



Fat loss transformation client


He has structured a training programme and a livable, flexible nutritional regime for me to use for the rest of my life.  

Aj pritchard strictly come dancing star

AJ Pritchard

I can't thank James enough, as within 6 weeks of coming out of surgery I became  European Latin American Champion, A very quick turnaround all thanks to James hard work & dedication to my health.


James has excellent communication skills and put me at ease straight away. 



James' knowledge and approach in exercising made me enjoy and look forward to exercising. 


James is professional, a true motivator and his youth belie his fitness and training knowledge. 


What you did in 12 weeks, took me about 12 months the last time I knuckled down and shed the pounds.

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