Take Your Chill Pill

Needing to take a step back from exercise and your training routine can take a while to understand, especially the impact it has on your longevity in the gym. You can’t carry on training excessively hard for months on end- it’s not sensible and you’ll regret it. Eventually you’ll start to notice tell-tale signs to pay attention too, whether you need a break from the gym completely or some form of a de-load.

I like to use the bucket with water analogy to explain our stress levels and how much we can manage. Be this work, gym or relationships, the bucket is a representation of life and everything you can pile in. The bucket can hold only a certain amount of water and if you cross this line it overflows. Most people who take exercise seriously follow a proper programme and go HAM everyday, week to week, for many months. The intensity is sky high, and if they decide to take training easier they’ll feel they come across as weak by backing off and running a low intensity workout.